Upcoming Elections in Morocco Bring Hope For Believers

October 7, 2016 by Janelle P in Africa

Friday, October 7th, Moroccans will take to the polls. This is an important time, as it can change the way the Christian church in Morocco is viewed and treated.

An Open Doors country coordinator for Morocco shares, “In Morocco, Christians believe that it is important that they should all vote. This implies that a Christian should still fulfil his or her responsibility as a Moroccan citizen.” The coordinator says that he hopes that the non-Islamist party will be voted in.

“This kind of change could help the country turn from corruption, but more importantly, it could mean greater freedom for religious rights movements, including Christians.”

He believes more freedom would greatly benefit the church. “While in some countries, underground persecution has been a key for the growth and strengthening of the church, we don’t recognize that as a reality for the Moroccan church. They are crippled with fear each time there is pressure.”

The coordinator believes that this time of election could be the change the church needs. “We believe it could be God’s will to see the church recognized and given identity within Moroccan society. We are actively working alongside others to achieve that goal. It is in that space that the church will need to stand up and rise in increasing confidence. Their simple existence can be a symbol and a reminder for Moroccan society that there is freedom in this country and that extremism is not tolerated.”

As Moroccans vote, pray the nation will vote in alignment with God’s greater plans and purposes. Pray that political parties would respond positively to the pressure to increase transparency and reduce corruption, whether in power or not. Lastly, pray that this election will lead to greater freedom for believers in Morocco, and that the Moroccan society would become more tolerant as a whole.