Update From Persecuted Christians In Pakistan After Earthquake

October 26, 2015 by Janelle P in Middle East

Prayer is needed for the many lives that have been affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Pakistan and Afghanistan today. Also, in the UAE region, after-shocks have been experienced. Internet and phones are down in much of the country. Our partners on the ground request that we pray for them, as more details come in; not much of it being hopeful.

Al Jazeera reports that this powerful earthquake took the lives of more than 330 people.

“There has been so much damage. I thought at first it was a terrorist attack; it sounded like the same sound when the rumbling started bringing down walls,” says a local woman. “I look around me and all I see is damage, and once again, Open Doors regional partners have been here with us, praying with us and ministering to us. Thank you for your love. Please keep praying. I thought these were things only found in horror movies. We are living once again in a horrific time,” she went on to add.

Please continue to check back as we keep you posted on any updates.

Here is a beautiful prayer an Open Doors partner shared with us, along with some prayer points, which may guide you through prayer:

Trusting you, Father of all.

May You, by Your own tender mercy, heal our broken lands and hurting people.

Be the strong tower for the homeless,

the healer for the injured,

the provider for those who are in need

the Prince of Peace for those in panic and confusion

at this terrible hour of disaster. ​

Help us, O King, to be Your arms and feet,

to share Your embrace and Your love,

and to weep with Your tears at this time.


Please also pray for:

· Prayer for our partners on the ground

· Prayer that Christians won’t be discriminated against when it comes to receiving aid, as this has and can happen in situations like this

· Prayer for those who have lost loved ones and for those who have been injured