UPDATE: Pray for Isolated Saudi Mom Nawal Still Living in Secrecy

June 20, 2018 by Lindy Lowry in Middle East

*A representative photo and name were used in this story to protect the identity of this secret believer.

Remember Nawal*? We shared the story of this new believer from Saudi Arabia earlier this year. Completely isolated from the worldwide Body of Christ, and married to a Muslim man who cannot find out about her love for Jesus, she is lonely and her faith is at risk.

After we shared Nawal’s story and pain, we heard from thousands of Christians all over the world who were touched by how this wife and mother must live her life in secrecy. Since “meeting” Nawal, believers like you have been praying for her and often ask about her and her family.

Our contacts who are in touch with the Saudi mom recently shared an update on her and her situation. At the time they talked to her, it was during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and like many secret Christians who live in Muslim-majority places where Christianity is illegal or shunned, Narwal was forced to go through the motions and rituals.

Vulnerable Faith

The good news is that Nawal’s family is growing! Earlier this year, she gave birth to her second child–a son. She experienced complications with the birth that led to the young boy needing extra care. The situation compelled Nawal to securely reach out to other believers and ask them to pray for her child’s healing.

Now, after a few months, the child’s health has improved. There are still some worries, but he is home and doesn’t require medication anymore. Most of her days, Nawal is busy caring for her son and daughter now. Also, during Ramadan, she spends most of her time in the house. Her world has become very small.

The outside world still thinks Nawal is a Muslim. She doesn’t discuss her personal faith with others, afraid of the consequences that come when a Saudi wife and mother is discovered as a Christian believer. If her Muslim husband finds out she has renounced his religion, he can beat her without legal consequences and even take away her children.

Without access to biblical teaching and to fellow believers able to disciple her, Nawal’s faith is more vulnerable than ever.

Asking for Prayer

However, Nawal does regularly ask for prayer for her and her family–a clear sign that she’s still depending on and trusting in Jesus.

Please join us in supporting Nawal as we respond to her request and pray for this wife and mom who can’t express or share her faith freely: