UPDATE – Southeast Asia: Thanks to your prayers, Yana was released!

October 23, 2015 by Janelle P in Asia

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Last month, we requested you pray for Yana (not her real name) from Southeast Asia. She was detained by police on false accusations of not repaying her debt to her relative.

Praise the Lord! Yana was released from police detention on Sunday, October 11. Before the release, two Christian lawyers stepped in to provide pro bono legal assistance to the mother of three. But even before the advocates started negotiating, Yana’s relative (who is apparently a police officer that reported the fraud) changed the report and was willing to settle for less than they previously agreed upon.

On October 16, Open Doors completed the payment so that Yana could stay close to her children. “Please pass my gratitude to them [the Body of Christ]. I’m so thankful for their help, may God bless them,” said Yana. However, Yana decided to take the job as she already gave her word to the person offering it. “I will miss my children terribly, but I have to keep my promise. I hope I can save some money to one day start a small business near my children’s dormitory,” the mother shares her dream. Please pray for her and the children’s faiths to grow stronger, and for the Lord to bless her desire and the fruit of her labor. “This case is a precious lesson to be strong and to have faith in God,” says Yana’s guardian pastor.