Urgent: Christians in Syria need your help!

October 11, 2019 by Open Doors in Persecution updates

The ongoing conflict in northern Syria is impacting thousands of Christians—and they need your help!

[Editor’s note and update: Since the time of publication, Turkey has agreed to a five-day ceasefire. Please continue praying for Christians in this part of Syria, and that peace will continue past the ceasefire period. We will continue to monitor the situation through our partners on the ground and will update you with any new information.]

Open Doors is on the ground working throughout Syria—including the tense border zone in the northern region. There are many Christian communities in the area currently targeted by military actions, and reports from the ground are alarming.

The United Nations estimates over 100,000 people have already had to leave their homes in northern Syria.

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In the border city of Malkieh, where there are up to 2,000 Christians, one of our partners reported, “Yesterday, there was an enormous air and artillery bombardment around the city … but so far, no injuries have been brought to Malkieh hospitals.”

Another Open Doors staff member says, “What I can confirm so far [is] that there is a big internal displacement happening in the northeast region.” This means there could be even more people forced to leave their homes—all in a place already devastated by ISIS and civil war. 

Pastor George, leader of the Evangelical Christian Alliance Church in the northeastern city of Qamishli, shared that there has been “a lot of shelling on the borderline, with some houses destroyed.” Responding to a family of believers whose home was bombed and destroyed, Pastor George brought them to the church building and is housing them there. He has also ministered to believers injured in the bombings. Pray for the family of Fadi Habsouno in the city of Hassaka whose home was destroyed. His injured wife is now in critical condition, and Fadi witnessed the death of his neighbor—all within the last few days.

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You can provide food relief, medical help, winter aid, trauma counseling, and so much more for Syrian Christians.

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The situation is frightening, and believers in Syria need your urgent prayers and support.

Right now, our staff in the region continues to distribute food, medical help, winter aid, trauma counseling and income-generating projects. We’re doing all we can to help our Syrian sisters and brothers survive and to be a light for Christ in the region.

We will continue to monitor the situation and ask for your urgent prayers. Pray for God’s protection over Christians and our staff in the conflict zones—and pray for peace to come quickly in the northern border region!

Syrian Christians request prayer that:

  • political and military leaders of all nations involved—and in the wider international community—will act with restraint, wisdom and compassion
  • the people who are grieving or injured, together with all who have fled, will find comfort, healing, provision and hope
  • peace will be restored, human dignity respected and pluralism preserved and strengthened, in northeast Syria and the rest of the country, for the benefit of all ethnic and religious communities
  • Christian communities will not be intimidated but will find opportunity to be agents of reconciliation, healing, peace and hope
  • all who are intent on violence will know the Spirit’s conviction of sin and respond to the Father’s offer of new life through the Son.

These believers have already experienced so much suffering. Let’s stand together and let them know they’re not forgotten.

Our brothers and sisters need your urgent support.

You can provide practical, on-the-ground aid to persecuted believers—both in the conflict areas and throughout Syria today. Persecuted Christians in Syria need food relief, medical help, winter aid, trauma counseling, and so much more.

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