Urgent Prayers Needed For Sudanese Pastors

June 23, 2015 by Janelle P in

Thank you for praying for Pastor Michael Yat and Peter Yen who have been accused of crimes against the state, with two of the crimes carrying the death penalty. We request your help in signing our petition to ask President Obama to appoint an envoy that would monitor religious freedom violations in the region.

Court proceedings continued last week. No new evidence has been presented to the court against the pastors, but the prosecution did produce one more witness. They indicated that they will bring in two more witnesses, after which the judge will indicate whether he will allow this to go to trial. Their lawyer expects him to rule on this in two days (June 25). Despite a lack of clear evidence against the pastors, the lawyer seems to think it is highly unlikely that the judge will drop the charges.

With this information, it is absolutely vital that we continue praying for these pastors…. Because we know the power of prayer!

Last year, we asked for you to join us in prayer for Miriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian that was sentenced to death for her faith. Her case seemed hopeless until Christians from around the world prayed and spoke out on her behalf, and she was finally set free!

Open Doors spoke with Miriam Ibrahim last week and she urged Christians to “keep praying for these believers.”

Will you join us in prayer for these believers, and ask God for a miracle, just like we witnessed with Miriam?

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