Video: Christians’ homes attacked by 2,000+ mob in India

November 19, 2020 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

Our partners in India recently shared shocking footage of a frenzied mob of 2,000 determined to punish and intimidate almost 80 Christian converts in their village of Singanpur in Chhatisgarh state. Many believers were severely beaten.

The persecution began with a village meeting when 14 believers were summoned by their fellow villagers. Their community accused them of following a foreign religion. A few days after the meeting, villagers came together—many of them were drunk, carrying bamboo rods and handmade weapons—with one purpose: attack Christians’ homes and belongings. As they shouted Hindu slogans, they destroyed the homes. The attacks went on for two days.

This is what Christian persecution looks like today in parts of India. It’s often mob-fueled and violent. Watch it in action below.

Villagers specifically targeted the roofs to leave houses exposed to the heavy monsoon rains.

A local Christian leader explained: “Villagers have purposely damaged the roofs of the houses so that their belongings become wet in the rain water.”

Police were called; however, as is often the case in parts of India, they did nothing to intervene in the destruction. They stood by and watched as the crowd shouted things like, “Since you’ve become Christians, our gods are angry with us. They don’t listen to us anymore.” In certain parts of India, persecutors often attack with impunity, often leading to more and greater violence against minorities.

One believer reported the police actually did help stem the violence: “If there had been no police, people would have died.”

Most of the Christians have not returned home, but they are strong in their faith: “If I leave Christ, I will die,” one victim said. “It’s only Jesus who brings healing. It’s better to die for Him. Only He is the truth. Yes, we are scared but only little. God is with us.”

Pray with Christians in India who risk so much to follow Jesus

Pray for provision; some believers are living in their damaged houses without a roof.

Pray for their protection and comfort.

Ask God to soften the hearts of their persecutors.

Pray believers’ hope would come from God and that they will not be shaken (Psalm 62:5-6).

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