Video: Watch a secret baptism in Bangladesh

October 29, 2020 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

Our local partners in Bangladesh recently captured raw footage of beautiful worship: men and women declaring their commitment to follow Jesus and celebrating their freedom in Christ during a secluded baptism. Every person in the video below was converting from other religions.

For them, this brave step will likely mean they’ll soon face discrimination, taunts, pressure to renounce their faith and even physical attacks because of their decision to follow Jesus in a country where Islamic oppression is a growing threat. In Bangladesh, Christians are a tiny minority often targeted by both Muslim extremist groups and their local communities for leaving Islam for Christianity.

Because of your prayers and gifts, people are meeting Christ around the world, in places like Bangladesh where it’s difficult and dangerous to follow Jesus. Open Doors is working with churches to provide persecution preparedness training for believers, as well as Bibles and discipleship materials—building and strengthening the church there.

Pray with these new members of your family who are persisting against all obstacles, even their Muslim families. Pray for their preparedness and strength in the coming weeks, months and years as persecution awaits them. And pray that they would grow in their faith and become increasingly passionate about sharing the grace they have found.

Stand with your persecuted sisters and brothers

Today, Christians all over the world are pressured, arrested, attacked or killed for their faith. Open Doors is the largest on-the-ground network of support for persecuted Christians. Your critical support and emergency relief make a huge difference in the lives and churches of your sisters and brothers who are following Jesus and making disciples in the places where it seems impossible to follow Jesus.

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