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March 28, 2018 by Brian in

For the first time since ISIS drove all the Christians from Iraq’s Nineveh Plain in 2014, the Christian town of Qaraqosh celebrates Holy Week after many of its families have returned. During this week leading to Easter, we visit Qaraqosh to meet with Christians there. Today, we meet Faraj (61). With your support, Faraj was able to repair his damaged house and return to Qaraqosh.

The basement of 61-year-old Christian Faraj’s house in Qaraqosh is crisp and clean; the walls are painted in a fresh blue color. Less than year ago, this place looked a lot less peaceful. Faraj takes out his phone and shows us pictures from his first visit to the house after Qaraqosh was liberated from ISIS.


“This is where the terrorists laid their women and children to sleep,” the father of five children says, pointing at the floor. “And here in the wall was a big hole, where they made a tunnel to go to the other side of the street unseen.”

Financial support

It took the family a few months and hard work, but now their house looks and feels like a safe and friendly place again. Faraj’s family is one of the 336 families in Qaraqosh who were supported by our local partners in Iraq to repair their houses—both with financial support and practical advice on the renovation process. The help enabled them to repair broken windows and ceilings, fix the bathroom, repair the holes in the walls and paint over all the bad memories of ISIS.

Faraj takes us upstairs to show the result. “This ceiling is new, and these windows were broken, so I repaired them too.”

From the balcony, a row of houses in an adjacent street can be seen that are completely burned. “All these houses are burned by ISIS,” he says. The families who used to live there were less lucky than Faraj; they might have to rebuild their property completely before being able to live there again.

A new birth

“The first time when I came back to Qaraqosh, and saw the huge mess I said to myself: it will be very, very difficult to return here if nobody will help me. But then your help came, and I was able to repair my house completely for my family. Because of that we are able to live here again.

The support helped Faraj and his family through the darkest time in their lives. “This is a new birth. For me and my family. Thank you very much.”


Faraj knows that many Christians from other countries are supporting their brothers and sisters in Qaraqosh. That means a lot to him. “What we want is that all Christians worldwide pray for the Christians in Iraq,” he says. “Without any support, Christianity might disappear completely from this country. That would be such a shame. Iraq without Christian is like a garden without roses.

6 responses to “In Iraq, Returning Christians Share an Easter Message of New Life”

  1. Praise to you, children of our almighty God: Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Blessing to you strong men and women and children of Iraq. May our Lord God Almighty continue walking you through Victory. Amen. We will all suffer for His sake and He suffered for ours. Your Victory is so uplifting as I read this the morning between our Friday evening service at my church and tomorrow’s Easter Celebration. Halleluiah, He Has Risen and He will win. As I write this, the Jews of Israel are being threatened at their borders with might mobs of Muslins. They need your prayers, too. Through His love I send mine. Patricia

  2. Praise God! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is risen! Death and Hell is defeated and our sins forgiven! Christians in the middle East have been persecuted heavily these past few years! Little or no help from the outside world being offered or given! This story of one small church offers a glimmer of hope that says our Lord is forever triumphant over the evil that still persists in that part of the world! Our prayers are with them!

  3. I would like to receive the updates of this church and Iraqi town bringing hope to residents returning. We can really learn from this church how we can build up OUR churches.

  4. God Bless you all. You are showing the world that Christ exists and will until the end of time!!! Father George, speak to our Christian President Trump. He will help your people.

  5. Wow that is so encouraging to see and hear. Over the years since ISIS displaced people in Iraq I have prayed and I will continue to pray for Heaven on earth in Iraq displayed through its brave and courageous citizens. God bless you.

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