#WeAreN T-Shirts Now Available

September 12, 2014 by Open Doors in Women and Children Advancement

WeAreN T-Shirt For Sale Believers in Iraq have experienced unprecedented persecution by the Islamic extremist group ISIS in recent months. They have been called upon to live boldly for the gospel each and every day of their lives. Christian refugees in Iraq have depended upon believers worldwide to be in prayer for them, and to encourage them through these trials. What exactly does this symbol and “#WeAreN” mean? These t-shirts display the Arabic letter ?? or “N” inside of a red circle, signifying “Christian”. This tag was originally placed on Christian homes throughout Iraq by ISIS, but we now use it to represent our unity with these believers in the face of persecution. Stand in solidarity with persecuted Iraqi Christians by wearing one of these #WeAreN t-shirts that are now on sale via our Online Store. Join the millions who are bringing attention to the plight that these believers are facing through all means possible, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use this shirt as a way to share with others about your brothers and sisters around the world! Available in sizes S-XL.