What Can You Do?

January 21, 2016 by Kate Yates in

Consider this…

16,000 students,

Thousands of handwritten messages,

Hundreds of tweets and Instagram photos,
9 World Watch List countries,

1 powerful night of prayer.


This is how I spent December 29th at Urbana 2015: watching students become passionate for persecuted Christians, for people they have never met. When Open Doors Fortify began two years ago, this was the kind of event I only dreamed of!


Throughout the week of Urbana, I met hundreds of students who all asked the same question: “What can I do?” That isn’t an unusual question toward the end of a year since many of us look for ways to reset for the next year with a New Year’s Resolution.


The definition of resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. So what did you firmly decide to do in 2016?


This year is still young, and we can make a resolution right now to remember the persecuted in 2016 like never before.


Start small:


Begin praying through the World Watch List by following the Weekly Prayer Alert. You can do this by yourself, then ask others to join you.


Take the next step:


Meet with your pastor about hosting a bi-weekly informational meeting at your church. Share the stories of persecuted Christians with those who attend and hand out wristbands as reminders to pray.


Then another:


After a few months of bi-weekly meetings, take on a new challenge by planning a community prayer vigil for persecuted Christians.


See how simple it is to get started? And these are merely suggestions. There is no limit to how you can serve, just remember that you can. It’s up to you to fill in the blank for 2016: “I CAN _______.”



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