What radical faith looks like in India

July 12, 2021 by Christopher Summers in Stories of Persecution

What radical faith looks like in India: Vinita’s story

Vinita* is in her mid-20s. She runs a small shop in her home, and her husband works in a factory. They have a baby girl, who is a year old.

Vinita came to faith through a friend from a previous job. Vinita was a Hindu, but was interested in what her friend shared with her. “Initially I did not believe, but every day at lunch time she shared the gospel,” Vinita says. “Then, slowly, I started to grow in the Lord.”

Vinita wanted to share the peace she had found in Christ with even more people, but in her area of India, such actions—particularly by converts from Hinduism—can lead to brutal persecution.

One day, the persecution turned violent. Here’s what happened.

If you’d like to help believers like Vinita stand strong for their faith as they follow Jesus in India, click here. 

*Name changed to protect security.


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