What’s REALLY happening to Christians in Afghanistan now

February 16, 2022 by Christopher Summers in Persecution updates

What’s REALLY happening to Christians in Afghanistan

Since the Taliban takeover last year, Afghanistan has slowly retreated from the front pages. The situation has not improved, but attention has naturally moved on, aside from some truly troubling reports about the widespread hunger impacting Afghans.

But Christians in Afghanistan remain at risk. The 2022 World Watch List, released in January, showed how true this is—for the first time, Afghanistan was ranked No. 1 on this list of the places where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus. Christians in Afghanistan risk death if they are discovered, and many fled for their lives when the Taliban took control of the country.

Even those who were able to flee have often found themselves in considerable danger—many of the surrounding countries are also on the 2022 World Watch List, making them very dangerous for Christians. Christians who remain in Afghanistan live and worship in constant danger.

We had the opportunity to hear from an Afghan believer about the situation for Christians inside the country. She talks about being hungry, and how the Taliban goes door to door, searching for believers. Her story is heart-breaking, and shows how desperately we need to stand with our Afghan brothers and sisters in prayer.

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