Widow In Myanmar Experiences God’s Provision

August 22, 2017 by Sarah Cunningham in Asia

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When you open your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.

For some, the stanzas of Psalm 145 may sound like poetry. But for Lau Nu*, a 73 year old Burmese widow, the psalmist’s words are quite literal.

Lau Nu lives in Myanmar on the outskirts of a city where most residents raise goats for a living. Life was not easy for her as she worked and cared for her paralyzed son. She had little support, and no one else to depend on, but she made ends meet by doing laundry and ironing for a local family.

But one day, the family’s circumstances changed when a local church leader came to visit their home. The man, Pastor Aung*, would talk with them and pray for them and, in doing so, he brought many things the family needed: support, generosity and most of all– Jesus.

At first, Lau Nu and her family didn’t accept Pastor Aung’s invitation to go to church. In Myanmar, worshippers dress up for services no matter what their religion. And Lau Nu and her family had nothing appropriate to wear. When Pastor Aung learned of their need, however, he provided the family with dress clothes to help them feel more comfortable attending church if they desired.

These clothes were one of the first tangible signs that showed Lau Nu that God was about to provide for her.

On the first day they went to church, Lau Nu woke up early to cook some food they could bring along with them on their journey.  When her family arrived at church, however, they realized they would not need the meal they’d prepared. The church fed the family not once, but twice! ”We had breakfast and lunch in the church; everything is plentiful in the church. Our lunch that we prepared in the morning became our dinner,” Lau Nu remembers.

Those first two meals the church provided led to many more. ‘’We met some people–donors in the church–and they gave us food.”

Before joining this Christian community, Lau Nu said she worried every day about where her family’s food would come from. “I was used to having only one meal each day. But the church members were kind and they gave us food according to God’s grace and love.”

Although Lau Nu and her son were not yet believers, they were touched by the generosity of the church members, and they began to see God as a good and generous God.

The church also surrounded her son, who could not walk, with prayers and care. In time, her son gained strength and got well. It was then he chose to be baptized. Soon after, Lau Nu accepted Christ as her Savior and got baptized, as well.

Looking back, Lau Nu has gained important perspective. “Now I realize that though I hadn’t believed in God yet, He had been providing for me already.”

Although Lau Nu’s life took an obvious turn for the better, her new faith brought along new challenges, as well. In Myanmar, Christians who turn away from indigenous religions are often seen as a source of tension.

Lau Nu has since moved to a new location, but when she visits home, the unwelcome is clear. “The people realized I don’t bow down before the monk and I don’t really act like a Buddhist anymore. They realized and noticed that I became a Christian. They don’t want to talk to me anymore because I became a Christian.”

Even some of Lau Nu’s own family could not understand. “They said I was a betrayer. My family asked why I do the things I do. People don’t want to talk to me anymore.”

Lau Nu refuses to be discouraged by the people who have rejected her. Instead, she says, she will use her free time to pray.

In addition to praying, she’ll also be raising goats–thanks to the generosity of a local ministry who provided her with two adult goats and three kids.

Please pray for Lau Nu and many new believers like her as they seek to provide for their families and live their faith amidst communities that are unfriendly to the gospel. If you’d like to pray for the specific needs of families and ministries like those who have changed Lau Nu’s life, we welcome you to click here to receive prayer notifications straight to your inbox!

*Names have been changed to protect believer’s identity