Winter in Uzbekistan

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


This is a blog about Uzbekistan from a friend of Open Doors

On Sunday I was enjoying a sunny, warm winter’s day in southern California by sitting in a hot tub with family.  Very soon my mind wandered to my brothers and sisters in Christ living in Tashkent and what their winter’s day must be like.  It has been bitterly cold for weeks.  The past week they’ve never gone above freezing. 

In the city, most people live in high rise apartment buildings built by the Russians 40-50 years ago.  They did not use insulation and the windows don’t have double pane glass.  When the glass in a window breaks, the hole is often covered with a piece of plastic.  It’s like living in a freezer. The central heating systems barely bring the heat to 50 degrees F.  These are the fortunate ones.  In the villages, people have no heating in their homes.  Every winter people die of the cold, others of hunger. 

The open markets we so enjoy in the summer months are still trying to function.  How else can the people peddle their goods?   And someone has to brave the cold to buy food supplies for the family.  So many people are poor, living on cash as they earn it day by day.  They don’t have surplus cash to stock up for the winter.  All they can hope for is a short winter.  And that they will survive another one. I pray to our Father to be with them, to give them their daily bread, to stay warm.  I long to be with my fellow believers again, sharing the challenges of this year’s winter.  I pray that it will be soon.


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