The Top 5 Ways To Help Christian Refugees on World Refugee Day

June 13, 2014 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

World Refugee Day in on Friday, June 20th. Join with us to empower Christian refugees in the following ways: 1. Educate World Refugee Day was created in 2000 by the United Nations to increase awareness for the forcibly displaced and stateless people of the world. Open Doors is working with Christian refugees from countries like Central African Republic, Syria and North Korea. Learn more about what life is like for Christian refugees here. 2. Pray The number one thing persecuted Christians ask for is our prayers. Sign up to receive our Weekly Prayer Alert with prayer requests from Christian refugees and other believers who are persecuted for their faith. 3. Advocate Be a voice for the voiceless. Take action to help those who have been forced from their homes, cities and countries.Share their stories (found on our blog ) with friends, family and policy makers. 4. Encourage You can write letters of encouragement to those who have been forced from their homes… such as those plagued by the violence in northern Nigeria and specifically the families of the kidnapped girls. More info here. 5. Give Open Doors is working with Christian refugees to provide safe houses, food and other needed items. Join with us in keeping refugees (and others who are persecuted for their faith) alive. Support these brothers and sisters today. Thank you for standing with our displaced brothers and sister this World Refugee Day! Help Persecuted Christians Today