World Watch List Challenge – #14 Nigeria

April 14, 2014 by Open Doors in , ,

Nigeria Open Doors researcher, Isaac, shares about an encounter which reminded him of the importance of prayer: I left Jos on a Friday to visit three widows of pastors who had been killed by Boko Haraman extremist group that is located primarily in Northern Nigeria in Yobe State. One of these women, Pauline Yusuf, had been so severely traumatized by watching the gunmen kill her husband and her son, she stopped talking altogether. As I set out, I knew that it was a dangerous journey. Just the week before, Boko Haram members killed hundreds of people in the state capital. These widows did not live far from there. Suddenly, a minibus drove by us. We noticed that all the occupants wore hijabs (Islamic veils), and we knew there was trouble. These were men camouflaged as women. It is a well-known tactic Boko Haram employs to slip through security check points. We passed the minibus in an effort to put some distance between us and them. But a strange noise from the engine had us praying hard. This was not a good time for a breakdown. It is a dangerous stretch of road where many travelers have met their end. We needed God’s intervention. And like so many times before, the Lord showed Himself faithful. We pressed on, and finally reached our destination with the car running, despite the worrying noise. The widows were waiting for us. We spent a precious few hours together, distributing the aid and encouraging them in the faith. The joy on their faces was very encouraging. “God is great,” Paulina Yahaya said. “Taking a big risk to put a smile on my face is something that will live with me forever. I am touched, and feel a joy that knows no bounds. For someone to risk his life to come and support me and my family is nothing but the pure love of Christ. The Lord will bless the ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.” I am deeply thankful for God’s protection, and am reminded once more that God hears the prayers of all those praying for us. *Names, photographs and other information have been changed for security purposes Share This Story

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