World Watch List Challenge – #21 Laos

June 3, 2014 by Open Doors in , ,

Laos These are three stories of real Christian women in Laos: * Onaona loves her husband Kahoku. She longs for him to know Jesus, but he laughs at the idea of accepting Him into his life. Whenever Onaona tries to share the gospel with him, they end up fighting. Kahoku despises Onaona’s faith so much, that he files a police report whenever a pastor visits their home. Pray that God strengthens Onaona, and opens Kahoku’s heart to believe in the Lord Jesus. * Dea wants to attend church services, but her husband Mong, who’s addicted to alcohol and drugs, forces her to work on Sundays. Dea cuts grass and harvests from the fields, while Mong gets intoxicated. Ask the Lord to give her the strength to fulfill her duties as a homemaker, while learning more about God. Pray that Mong would encounter Jesus, and be freed from the bondage of his addictions. * Jeanitha is new to the Christian faith. She finds it difficult to fully let go of the rituals she has grown up with. Sometimes, she still invokes spirits, and seeks advice from fortune tellers. When she loses objects, or when animals in her care are missing, she consults shamans, or witchdoctors. Some of her fellow Christians offer meals to spirits when their loved ones die. Lift Jeanitha and those who share her struggles up to the Lord. Pray for God to give them courage and boldness to “shed their old wineskins”; that they may be redeemed from their old ways, and be renewed in Christ day by day. *Names, photographs and other information have been changed for security purposes

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