World Watch List Challenge – #29 Sri Lanka

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Pray for Sri Lanka After surviving a failed murder attempt, a Sri Lankan pastor and his family learn the biblical keys to facing persecution risks in Monaragala. Monaragala, a district southwest of Sri Lanka, is home to Katharagama Devalaya, a Buddhist temple that draws millions of pilgrims around the world. Many Sri Lankan pastors consider this district one of the most difficult places for Christians to practice their faith. Pastor Naradha was no stranger to the risks of starting a church in Monaragala, where the majority of the population adheres to the Buddhist faith. “Once, a man came and shot at my husband, but he missed him,” recalled his wife, Arjuna. “Then, the man picked up a knife, and assaulted my husband. During the struggle, the attacker cut himself, and he bled profusely. We took him inside our house and dressed his wound. Before he left, the gunman confessed to us that a Buddhist priest hired him to kill my husband.” Pastor Naradha and Arjuna’s three grown-up children, afraid for their parents, implored the couple to quit the ministry. The family was at a crossroads when they decided to attend Open Doors’ Standing Strong Through the Storm (SSTS) program, a persecution-preparedness workshop. The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) organized the learning event especially for pastors and their families ministering in Monaragala. “We were going through many struggles when we came,” said Pastor Naradha. “But we thank the Lord for enabling us to attend the SSTS program. We are encouraged and strengthened. We are going back with renewed friendships with one another. We are going back with renewed strength for the ministry. “Our children even encouraged us to continue in the ministry. We are no longer afraid of dying, because it is for a worthy cause,” Pastor Naradha added. *Names, photographs and other information have been changed for security purposes Share This Story

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