World Watch List Challenge – #36 Mauritania

September 15, 2014 by Open Doors in Africa

Pray For Mauritania There are only about 4,250 Christians in Mauritania. The number of indigenous Christians varies between 400 and 1000. Open Doors supports the church through the Standing Strong Through the Storm (SSTS) course. “We want offer this six day training to several groups in Mauritania and to be able to do this, we recently trained some Mauritanian Christian leaders to be trainers,” says an Open Doors worker. Laws forbid Mauritanians from hearing the gospel or converting to Christ. The government goes to great lengths to keep Christianity away from the people. The president even created a new religious Radio station in Arabic, Fulani, Sononke, Wolof and French transmitting just one subject: the Koran. There is no freedom for conversion to a religion other than Islam. The sentence for apostasy is death – although this sentence has (formally) not been carried out in recent years. Article 11 of the Press Act is used to prevent proselytizing of Muslims by non-Muslims, and to restrict the printing, distribution and importation of non-Islamic religious materials, though private ownership is not illegal. Due to these restrictions, Open Doors is striving to reach more people with the SSTS course. “It was very interesting for me to see how serious they were with this training,” shares the Open Doors worker. “For them, it is a good answer to the problems they face. Our plan is now to offer the course to small groups of Christians in the country. With the course, Open Doors hopes to strengthen the Mauritanian church. The lessons help the participants in the course to gain a Biblical view on suffering and persecution. Please pray that the new trainers will be able to pass the lessons they learn onto the Mauritanian church. *Names, photographs and other information have been changed for security purposes Share This Story

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