World Watch List Challenge – #42 Comoros

October 27, 2014 by Open Doors in ,

There really are two church stories to be told: one of the International Evangelical Church (in the capital city) and the other of the underground church of local believers that meets regularly in local homes. In brief, the International Evangelical Church was first started around 1970 in a home. Although there are other nationalities that attend this church, it has been and continues to be dominantly attended by individuals/families from Madagascar. This church has historically kept to itself and has not tried to reach out to the local islanders. This is primarily due to a fear of being closed down if they were to be caught sharing Christ with the Comorians. However, within the past three years, there has been a significant shift in perspective and outreach in both humanitarian and spiritual areas. In 2006, the Comoro Archipelago underwent a democratic transition in Comoros, and the citizens elected Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi as the president of The Union of the Comoros in an election that international observers described as generally free and fair. This was the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in the country’s history. In 2008, the Union Army of National Development, with African Union support, launched a successful and bloodless military coup that led to the removal of the former president of Anjouan islan, Mohamed Bacar, who then fled the country. In 2008, Mr. Moussa Toybou was then elected president in a generally free and fair process in 2008. In November and December 2010, elections were held to decide the new Union president on the Archipelago as well as separate governors for each of the three islands. Given the increased legitimacy of the current government, it appears that it will be capable of handling social conflict. But it appears that the government may not be as prepared for jihadist influences as some of Comoro citizenry – receiving an Islamic upbringing in mosques and madrassas of Comoros and became jihadist. *Names, photographs and other information have been changed for security purposes 

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