World Watch List Challenge – #46 Djibouti

November 25, 2014 by Janelle P in ,

Djibouti has a population of approximately 900,000 people. The majority is Muslim, and an estimated 15,000 Christians are present in Djibouti, as well, including an expatriate Christian community. Islam is the religion of the state, but the constitution provides for religious freedom.

Although proselytism is not technically illegal, it is discouraged. Moreover, even interest in conversion could lead to intense persecution. To a certain extent, the attitude of the government towards non-Muslims is generally one of tolerance and respect. However, societal animosity towards Christians seems to increase.

Moreover, conversion from Islam is strongly discouraged, and the small number of indigenous Muslim Background Believers is persecuted by their families and society. Western military presence helps foster a climate of relative peace, safety and freedom.

The French Protestant, Roman Catholic and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches represent the only active Christian witness recognized by the government. Christian radio and satellite TV are broadcast in the French language.
*Names, photographs and other information have been changed for security purposes

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