The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

August 31, 2017 by Janelle P in


It’s been said that those living in Yemen are dying, “a slow death.”

Not much is going right in Yemen right now. Hospitals and bridges are inoperable due to bombings, doctors have gone unpaid and malnutrition runs rampant.

A major byproduct of this chaos has been a huge cholera outbreak, killing 2,000 people and infecting more than half a million in just three months.

How did this happen, knowing that Yemen has historically been a place of great wealth and prosperity?

Yemen is one of the poorer nations in its region, which has left it susceptible to attack. This has caused heavily damaged infrastructure, including sewage facilities and factories.

Its damaged economy has even made bringing humanitarian aid in and out extremely hard. This cycle seems impenetrable.

In developed nations, this cholera outbreak would not be life-threatening, but with widespread malnutrition, this outbreak has been a deadly concern.


Christians living in Yemen are trying to just survive the day. They, like their Muslim neighbors, just want to provide and protect their families, and yet they have so many daily struggles.

How are they to live out their faith in this context?

We do not know the answer to this question, but God does.

Will you join us to pray for all those affected by this crisis in Yemen, but specifically believers? As we bring our requests to the One who knows all things, we entrust their care to Him:

Please join us to pray for believers living in this region plagued by persecution, war, hunger and disease. Pray for the Holy Spirit to send a spirit of forgiveness so that believers can continue to share truth and glorify God in the midst of despair. Pray for the victims of bombings and violence; may the Lord protect and guide.

To find out more about what believers face every day in Yemen, visit our World Watch List.

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