You Did It! Vital Programs Continue

January 14, 2016 by Open Doors in Prayer updates
Thanks to your generosity, you helped meet the funding gap, and we are able to continue all of our vital programs for persecuted Christians going uninterrupted!
Not everyone is in this for the long haul, but you are! We are so thankful for the way that God is working and how He is using you!
“I know how to deal with how I am feeling and know that I can help others too,” shared a recipient of the trauma counseling training.
This is just one of the vital programs that you helped keep going. And you can see how God is using you to have a lasting impact! Thank you again for helping us meet this funding goal.
As we enter into 2016, it is vital that we have partners who will not grow weary and who desire to stand with their persecuted brothers and sisters for the long haul. Persecution continues to increase, and we are starting to see it spread rapidly into areas where levels of persecution were smaller before. 
More and more Christians will continue to be displaced. Others will lose access to education, work and family all because of their faith in Christ. They will likely feel alone, but will be reminded of God’s love because of your faithfulness. 
Though others may experience compassion fatigue, we are thankful that you continue to stand with your brothers and sisters, reminding them that in spite of the persecution, they are not forgotten.
God is doing amazing things in spite of all that is happening in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia… and He is using you to help make it happen! 
Thank you again for standing with these believers last year and into this New Year!