Young Believers Celebrate Faith

August 30, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

This summer, Open Doors provided five, young Catholic believers from Gaza with the opportunity to travel to Poland and participate in the “World Youth Day” event in Krakow. Over the course of this five day gathering, over three million believers celebrated their faith.

The purpose of sending these Palestinian youth was for them to experience being other Christians around the world and encourage them in their faith.

Unfortunately, three of the five youth were denied required permits to leave Gaza and were not able to attend the event.

A priest who accompanied the youth said visiting Poland helped the youth in many ways. “They learned that they are not alone. They know they can count on the prayers of thousands of Christians all around the globe.” He went on to say, “Many of the young believers were impacted personally during the times of prayer. The church will try to follow up with those young people who are in search of the truth.”

Praise God for the opportunity these young believers experienced, although only two were able to go. Pray that the experience they had could be extended to the remaining young believers. Pray for the three who were not able to attend, that God would be near them and comfort them through their disappointment. Lastly, pray that the fire inside these young believers would never diminish.