Your help enables Aditi to overcome persecution and continue her studies

February 25, 2020 by Open Doors in Asia

Aditi* is a bright 16-year-old. Like many young believers in India, her life was turned upside down when her family came to faith in Christ. For Aditi, it could have meant the end of her education. But Open Doors partners have helped her continue her studies, thanks to your prayers and support.

Aditi shares that her family has faced many challenges since coming to faith in Christ. “When we chose to become Christians, the people in our village began to mock us for embracing a foreign faith. They refused to have any dealings with us.

“My family was very poor and since we lived as a joint family with other relatives, we relied on the other members for financial support. After me and my parents embraced Christianity, that support was taken away. My parents had no means to support my education.”

Being socially excluded comes with a whole host of difficulties for a family like Aditi’s, making it difficult for them to survive. Aditi’s father was left isolated during the harvest, and none of his neighbors would come to help him in the fields. Even his attempts to hire men from the village for daily wages proved unsuccessful—no one in the village wanted to associate themselves with people who had converted to Christianity.

Aditi’s family was also completely boycotted by their extended family. They had lived together and shared resources and food with them. All this affected their earnings greatly.

Aditi’s father says with a heavy voice, “On many occasions, I questioned God on what wrong I had done to provoke such animosity. I felt God was too far from my situation to understand me. My wife also said that she felt bitter when she looked at the lives of other people who were flourishing though they did not regard God.

“But then my wife and I spent time in prayer. The Holy Spirit reminded me each time that He would take care of my family. We learned to thank God for his grace and mercy and for every small blessing in our lives.”

Then one day, things got even worse. The village community came to their house and had a meeting where they decided that Aditi’s family would not even be allowed to use the general public resources like water from the community well. The family was completely stigmatized.

However, Aditi’s family kept on praying unceasingly for the village that one day they would all come to the Lord.

God answers prayers through you

Aditi’s family was on the verge of making Aditi quit her studies, as they had no friends to help them through the crisis. “We no longer had any standing in our community, among our relatives and neighbors. Our family was as good as dead to them,” shares Aditi sadly.

But around that time, Aditi’s father was contacted by Open Doors local partners. They were able to provide financial support to help Aditi continue her studies, thanks to your prayers and support.

“We knew that it was God who provided for us. We were so thankful to Open Doors for helping me study,” says Aditi. “I am always amazed by how God worked in mysterious ways to answer our prayers and meet our needs. All this time God just wanted to teach us how to trust in Him, and now, in the end, we know that He is trustworthy. He never abandoned us or put us to shame.”

Aditi’s father shares excitedly, “I remember my early days, how I worshiped other gods and goddesses. In reality, I was only trusting myself. Now my life has changed. I have learned to trust in God.

“Often when I felt discouraged, I spent time in prayer. It was then I gained the courage to trust in Him; it’s true that we need the courage to trust in God. And that courage comes through prayer.”

Aditi’s family still faces a lot of adversity, but her family is assured that God will take care of them. And God has worked through your prayers and support to provide for their needs.

“We thank you so much for your initiative with which we were able to pay my daughter’s school fees. God bless you all and let God lead you forward.”

*Name changed for security reasons