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I now realize that Jesus is faithful; He will always protect me from harassments and difficulties. Please pray that I would continually depend on God whenever persecution comes.
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About Bangladesh

  • Leader:President Abdul Hamid
  • Government:Parliamentary democracy
  • Population:164.6 million (1.6 million Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Moderate
  • Source of Persecution:Islamic extremism

The constitution of Bangladesh includes freedom of religion, and the country does not have blasphemy laws or an anti-conversion bill. Yet the constitution also confirms that the state religion is Islam, and the government is known to give in to Islamic pressure. Additionally, there are fatwas implemented all over the country, especially in rural areas, and there are demands to introduce Sharia law in order to show that the country belongs to the “House of Islam.” Due to the killing of four secular bloggers, an Italian and a Japanese citizen and, most recently, a secular publisher in October 2015 – all instituted by radical Islamic groups – led the government to declare war against radical elements. As the Christian minority is growing, it faces more and more restrictions and challenges. This pressure is not driven by the government, but by radical Islamic groups, local religious leaders and families. The competition between the large political parties of the country is also a factor, as the government is pressured to give in to demands from Islamic groups taking to the streets in protest.

Recent News from Bangladesh

Aug 9 2016

Believers Affected by flood in Bangladesh

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A devastating flood recently hit the 59 sub-district of Bangladesh. As a result, many Muslim Background believers (MBB) families have been affected and are in need of urgent relief.


Mar 31 2016

Grieving The Death Of A True Martyr In Bangladesh

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Prayer Points for Bangladesh

  • Pray for Christians who have left their communities out of pressure to renounce their faith.
  • Pray that Christians who are mentally and physically abused would be granted steadfast faith.
  • Pray for opportunities for believers to spend time in Scripture reading and prayer.

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