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About China

  • Leader:President Xi Jinping
  • Government:Socialism
  • Population:1.37 billion (85 million Christians)
  • Main Religion:Atheism
  • Persecution Level:Moderate
  • Source of Persecution:Communist oppression

China remains one of the most complicated countries on the World Watch List as it is multi-faceted and incredibly diverse. While a considerable portion of the country’s persecution is suffered by small groups of Christian converts among the Tibetans and the Muslim Uighurs, Christians among the main Han majority face continuing restrictions as well. While the campaign of breaking down crosses in the province Zhejiang seems to have come to an end, church meetings continue to be disrupted and stopped. Authorities see the meetings as threats when foreigners, media or large groups of people are involved, one example being in the province Guangdong. The curbing of reporting and social media after explosions in Tianjin in August 2015 also serve to limit Christian freedoms. The government’s goal of maintaining power and social harmony includes the control of all religions, including the quickly growing Christian minority.

Recent News from China

Apr 1 2016

Owning A Bible In China: The Impossible Dream?

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Prayer Points for China

  • Pray for the growth of believers from Muslim Uighur and Tibetan Buddhist backgrounds.
  • Pray for Christians to reach out to atheists and Confucianists who have not heard the gospel.
  • Pray for Christ to reveal himself to government officials who seek to control the church.

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