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They did everything to prevent us from sharing about Jesus. So we gathered with other Christians deep in the jungle. A soul won for Jesus is a soul lost for the guerrillas. They knew that too.
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About Colombia

  • Leader:President Juan Manuel Santos
  • Government:Republic
  • Population:48.3 million (44.6 million Christians)
  • Main Religion:Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
  • Persecution Level:Sparse
  • Source of Persecution:Organized corruption/Tribal antagonism

Formally, Colombia is a modern democratic country where the rule of law is established and religious freedom is guaranteed. However, large areas of the country are under the control of criminal organizations, drug cartels, revolutionaries and paramilitary groups. In a context where impunity is the norm, all inhabitants of Colombia suffer from the conflict that has lasted for decades, but Christians are specifically vulnerable to such hostilities. All types of Christians can become victims of organized corruption and crime by criminal groups, though it affects mostly the more outspoken Christians who play prominent roles in social or public life, or fulfill leadership positions at community and national levels. Secular intolerance affects all types of Christians in the larger cities that are under government control. Denominational protectionism mainly affects non-traditional protestant groups who do not conform to traditional Catholic rites.

Recent News from Colombia

Aug 10 2016

Colombia: From Widowhood to Hope

Found in Stories

Open Doors’ trauma recovery program for Colombian widows has helped turn around the future for 13 women in the Arauca region, where so many Christian wives and families have faced the tragic martyrdom of their husbands and fathers.


Jun 22 2016

Tending the Broken and Persecuted of Colombia

Found in Prayer

In spite of the displacement and persecution she has personally endured, Carolina has courageously chosen to bring hope to many in despair.


Jan 19 2016

Latin American Church—A Voice That Won’t Be Silenced

Found in Prayer

The voices of Christians in Latin America are strong, and in many places Christians worship and proclaim the gospel freely. In some parts of Latin America, however, angry voices from indigenous councils, criminal gangs, and guerrilla groups try in vain to silence the Christians living among them. Who are these courageous believers who refuse to allow their voices to be silenced?


Prayer Points for Colombia

  • Pray for peace and hope for Christians that are threatened by criminal and guerrilla groups.
  • Pray for Christ to comfort believers whose family members are murdered for their faith.
  • Pray that Christians would have grace to forgive those who displace them from their homes.

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