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As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.
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About Comoros

  • Leader:President Ikililou Dhoinine
  • Government:Republic
  • Population:798,294 (3,300 Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Moderate
  • Source of Persecution:Islamic extremism

Comoros has been on the World Watch List for the past 22 years. The constitution declares (Sunni) Islam to be the state religion, yet also provides rights to freedom of religion and worship. However, in society there is an increasing presence of radical Islamic tendencies on the islands despite a positive trend towards furthering democratic practices. Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise at rates paralleling neighboring East-African countries. The constitution reinforces this by dictating that all public policies must be based on Islamic beliefs. Some legal provisions for religious freedom exist, but these are directed more towards foreigners than native Christians. Proselytization of any religion except Islam is illegal. Converts can be prosecuted and MBBs face severe discrimination from the Muslim majority. They are put under pressure not to practice their faith, leaving them few other options but to live out their faith in secret. Radical scholars locally known as Djaulas, many of whom are from Pakistan, continue to push for stricter Sharia laws in the country.

Prayer Points for Comoros

  • Pray for Christian parents from Muslim backgrounds whose children are taught from the Quran.
  • Pray for house churches who are spied on and denied the right to distribute Bibles.
  • Pray for political leaders who have pitted themselves against Christ and His followers.

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