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I want to be a witness to others but I don’t always know how to share my faith with them.
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About Djibouti

  • Leader:President Ismail Omar Guelleh
  • Government:Republic
  • Population:828,324 (49,700 Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Moderate
  • Source of Persecution:Islamic extremism/Dictatorial paranoia

Djibouti is surrounded by many volatile and repressive countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen. It has a geographically favorable location along a very busy shipping route. On the political front, the repressive regime of the incumbent president continues to rule the country. Djibouti is governed by a non-democratic semi-presidential regime, currently headed by Ismail Omer Guelleh. In 1999, he succeeded his uncle and is only the second president since 1977. Historically, Islam is deeply embedded in Djibouti’s society. At the same time, Christianity has existed in Djibouti for a long time, partly because of ties with Ethiopia. A significant number of Djibouti’s citizens have strong family ties in Somalia, Yemen and other Muslim countries with a strongly ingrained negative attitude towards the West and Christianity. The Djiboutian government supports western efforts to fight Islamic terrorism; this agitates a significant portion of society. Constitutionally, Islam is accorded the status of state religion.

Recent News from Djibouti

Jul 21 2016

Djibouti: A Hotspot for Radicalization

Found in Prayer

President Guelleh responded to anti-government civil unrest with a mixture of superficial liberal moves and repressive actions of a rather autocratic nature. The position of the church is vulnerable. Due to the interest of the international community in a strong security partner and a stable Djibouti, it is likely…


Prayer Points for Djibouti

  • Pray for Christians who feel constricted by Djibouti’s communal, Islamic culture.
  • Pray for imams who are inciting hatred towards Christians to encounter Jesus Christ Himself.
  • Pray for Christians to forgive their persecutors when refused jobs and community resources.

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