Jordan Facts

Score:65/ 100
Region:Middle East
Persecution Type:Islamic Oppression
Persecution Level:Very High
Main Religion:Islam
Government:Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Leader:King Abdullah II

Profile of Persecution

Violence 18%
Church Life 73%
National Life 69%
Community Life 71%
Family Life 78%
Private Life 78%

Persecution of the converted

Converts to Christianity from Islam experience a great deal of persecution from all parts of Jordanian society, usually beginning at home—which can include serious violence and even killing. Tribalism is strong in Jordan, and ethnic group leaders also try to force converts to renounce their new faith. The same is true for Islamic leaders, who consider converts to still be Muslims. Radical Islamic movements are a source of persecution for Christians and Jordanians of other religious faiths (including Muslims).

Government officials monitor the churches and ministries of Christians active in evangelization and pressure them to stop these activities. Historical churches fear that any form of evangelization will result in a backlash affecting all Christians.

How Christians are suffering

Most Christians in Jordan belong to the Orthodox and Roman Catholic denominations. Overall, they enjoy a relatively high level of religious freedom but experience discrimination in employment and restrictions against public preaching. An open testimony of faith by a Christian with a Muslim background can lead to beatings, arrest and killing. Believers active in evangelism and/or helping converts can face Christian persecution through threats and obstruction in daily life as well.


In August 2018, ISIS sympathizers planted a bomb at a music festival in the majority Christian town of Fuheis. Police found stockpiles of explosives intended for further attacks.

A small number of Christians with a Muslim background were reportedly arrested for reasons directly or indirectly related to their faith.

Some converts were allegedly physically abused or suffered death threats from family members. Reportedly, a number of converts had left their houses and were forced into hiding or seeking another place to live either inside or outside the country. Several foreign missionaries were also forced to leave the country because of their Christian activities.

Pray for Jordan

  • Pray for wisdom and courage for believers to be true disciples as a small minority in a Muslim-dominated culture.
  • Pray that the international community would support Jordan in integrating religious freedom into security policies aimed at countering religiously motivated radicalism and terrorism.
  • Pray for Christian converts interrogated by police and abused by family members. Pray the Lord would provide protection and healing.
  • Pray that Muslims would be overwhelmed by the love of their Christian neighbors and begin to ask questions that draw them toward Christ.

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