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Obedience is better than sacrifice. When we obey God, even in persecution, we can totally depend on Him to get us through.
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About Malaysia

  • Leader:Prime Minister Najib Razak
  • Government:Constitutional monarchy
  • Population:31.1 million (2.8 million Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Moderate
  • Source of Persecution:Islamic extremism

Malaysia is still known as probably the best role model of a liberal and tolerant Islamic country in the world. This image is increasingly fading, especially given incidents that have occurred over the past year. One example of this is the effort to introduce Sharia penal law (hudud) in the federal state of Kelantan. Its implementation requires amendments to the federal law, so the introduction is still pending, but it clearly shows an increasing Islamic conservatism. The opposition parties even split over this issue in June 2015, which in the long term might mean that Islamic parties currently opposed to each other might unite to protect Islam. Observers are calling the Malaysian society increasingly racist, as the ethnic Malay majority is clearly being favored, while the Chinese and Indian ethnicities (as well as the indigenous tribal population) living in the eastern part of Malaysia are discriminated against. Malaysia has witnessed an increasing political, social and religious instability recently, and there are no signs that these developments will cease any time soon.

Recent News from Malaysia

Oct 21 2016

Parliamentary Proposal to Empower Shariah Courts in Malaysia

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A proposal before Malasyia’s Parliament would amend the current laws that place limitations on Sharia courts to give the Islamic courts greater leeway and power in meting out punishments.


Aug 9 2016

"I just had to compose myself and carry on."

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In Malaysia, a country of 30 million people that is 60 percent Muslim, the courts agreed "Allah" in the Herald newspaper would confuse Muslim Malays and promote the Christian faith among them


Jul 5 2016

ISIS In Malaysia and Indonesia

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Malaysian police have just confirmed that the recent grenade attack at a bar in Puchong (about 15 minutes from Kuala Lumpur) last Tuesday, June 28, was the first successful terrorist attack on its soil carried out by Islamic State...


May 4 2016

Freedom to Choose in Malaysia?

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Sarawak is the only state in Malaysia that currently allows anyone to convert from Islam. If the court decides to reverse Rooney Rebit’s case, they will essentially be outlawing anyone in Malaysia from converting to Christianity.


Prayer Points for Malaysia

  • Pray for secret gatherings of believers from a Muslim background (MBBs).
  • Pray for new believers who are kicked out of their homes or sent to Islamic re-education camps.
  • Pray that physically and mentally abused Christians would be able to forgive their persecutors.

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