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North Korea

The Outhouse Of The Prison Was The Only Place We Could Worship.
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About North Korea

  • Leader:Kim Jong-Un
  • Government:Communist dictatorship
  • Population:26 million ( 300,000 Christians)
  • Main Religion:Atheism/traditional beliefs
  • Persecution Level:Extreme
  • Source of Persecution:Dictatorial paranoia

North Korea heads the World Watch List for the 14th consecutive year now. Kim Jong-un has continued to consolidate his power, and no changes or improvements have been seen over the past year. Ideology again trumped everything as could be seen in the celebration of the ruling Korean Workers Party’s 70th anniversary in October 2015. North Korea remains an opaque state and it is difficult to make sense of most of the news pouring out of the country. This is even truer when it comes to topics like human rights or the situation of the Christian minority. Christianity is not only seen as “opium for the people,” as is normal for all communist states, it is also seen as deeply Western and despicable. Christians try to hide their faith as far as possible to avoid arrest and being sent to labor camps with horrific conditions. Thus, one’s Christian faith usually remains a well-protected secret, and most parents refrain from introducing their children to the Christian faith in order to make sure that nothing slips their tongue when they are asked.

Recent News from North Korea

Nov 23 2016

New Camp for Political Prisoners Discovered in North Korea

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New buildings have recently been added to a North Korean camp for political prisoners about 45 miles northeast of the capital that has continued to steadily grow. Pray for North Korean believers who may be imprisoned there.


Oct 11 2016

The Worst Country On Earth To Be A Christian

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Aug 25 2016

North Korean Propaganda Continues

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North Korea just released its own video-on-demand services, similar to Netflix. The service is call Manbang, and it allows viewers to watch documentaries and five TV channels.

North Korea has ranked #1 on the World Watch List for 14 consecutive years. While the entire nation is under the harsh rule of Kim Jong-Un, secret Christian believers face extreme persecution...


May 23 2016

Korean-Chinese Pastor Murdered

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Mystery still shrouds the April slaying of Han Choong-ryeol, a Chinese pastor involved in aiding North Koreans defectors on their journey to South Korea.


Prayer Points for North Korea

  • Pray for the 50,000 – 70,000 Christians suffering from torture in North Korean labor camps.
  • Pray that God would open Kim Jong-un’s eyes to the surpassing glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Christians who are afraid to tell their own spouses and children about their faith.

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