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About Oman

  • Leader:Sultan Qaboos bin Said
  • Government:Absolute monarchy
  • Population:3.6 million (234,000 Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Sparse
  • Source of Persecution:Islamic extremism

Located at the confluence of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, Oman was an influential sultanate during the medieval period. The current sultan came to power in 1970 after deposing his own father. He is credited for bringing security and stability to a country that has a history of war and conflict and has also introduced democratic reforms. Even as many Arab states have succumbed to sectarian violence and political tumult, the Sultanate of Oman has stood out as a beacon of tranquility and tolerance. Oman is the home of Ibadi Islam, a sect which is far less violent than mainstream Sunni or Shi’a. The rise of Islamic State (IS) is putting the region on edge, and fighting in Yemen worsens the situation.

Prayer Points for Oman

  • Pray for Christian converts from Islam who lose custody of their children upon divorce.
  • Pray that the Christian minority would evangelize for the sake of the Muslims in their country.
  • Pray for Christian children who feel pressured to conform to Islamic values and customs.

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