Sudan Facts

Score: 87 / 100
Region: Africa
Persecution Type: Islamic Oppression
Persecution Level: Extreme
Population: 42,166,000
Christians: 1,996,000
Main Religion: Islam
Government: Presidential Republic
Leader: President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

Profile of Persecution

Violence 72%
Church Life 96%
National Life 94%
Community Life 85%
Family Life 87%
Private Life 85%

Where Persecution Comes From

The Christian persecution in Sudan mainly stems from the government and radical Islam, systematic in nature and reminiscent of ethnic cleansing. Under the authoritarian rule of President al-Bashir and his party, there is no rule of law in the country. Press and media laws are highly restrictive, while freedom of expression has been curtailed drastically. The government strives to maintain a policy favoring one religion, one culture and one language. Because Islam is so deeply embedded in Sudanese society, many Christians have chosen to move to South Sudan since the declaration of its independence in 2011.

How Christians are Suffering

This is an incredibly difficult time for Christians in Sudan. They are losing churches they have gathered and worshipped in for years. The government regularly arrests and intimidates Christian leaders and has demanded on at least one occasion that leadership be handed over to a government-supported committee. When interacting with Sudanese Muslims, Christians must be extremely cautious, as any mention of their faith can be construed as an “act that encourages apostasy against Islam.” Some Christians are arrested on charges of espionage, and many churches have been demolished, with others on an official list awaiting demolition. In areas with ongoing conflict, Christians are attacked indiscriminately.


In the WWL 2018 reporting period, the government closed down more than 20 churches.

In the same period, at least three Christians were killed, although exact numbers have been difficult to obtain.

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Pray for Sudan

  • Pray for Christians in Sudan who face intense oppression and persecution. Pray for protection and opportunities to fellowship with other believers. Pray also for church leaders to stand strong amidst pressure that Islamic extremists place on their churches.
  • Please pray that the Sudanese government will become more accepting of Christianity and allow freedom of religion.
  • The government in Sudan is one of the most dictatorial regimes in Africa. Please pray for the Lord’s work in the hearts of Sudanese leaders, and that the Holy Spirit would convict them to bring justice and peace to the country.

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