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About Sudan

  • Leader:President Omar al-Bashir
  • Government:Republic
  • Population:36.1 million (1.9 million Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Extreme
  • Source of Persecution:Islamic extremism/Dictatorial paranoia

The persecution of Christians in Sudan is systematic and more reminiscent of a policy of ethnic cleansing. Historically, Islam is deeply embedded in Sudan’s society. Sudan is one of the few African countries that has consistently been on the World Watch List since its first use in 1993 for internal research purposes. The country’s rank on the list has been oscillating mostly between the top 10 and the top 20 countries. Sudan has been designated a “Country of Particular Concern” by the US State Department since 1999. Furthermore, for the past decades there has been no rule of law in Sudan; press and media laws have been restrictive, and freedom of expression and religion has been highly curtailed. The ethnic-cultural landscape is very diverse and complicated: Arab versus Black, Muslim versus Christian. The secession of South Sudan did not solve these problems. This is particularly true for black Africans, as a significant number are Christian and still living in the country. The government of Sudan is strictly implementing the policy of one religion, one culture and one language.

Recent News from Sudan

Dec 8 2016

Trial Continues in Khartoum

Found in Prayer

In Sudan, the trial of three Sudanese men and a Czech missionary resumed on Nov. 28. The pastors are accused of falsely documenting Christian persecution in Sudan and inciting war against the state.


Dec 7 2016

Those Who Imprisoned Us Blessed Us Mightily

Found in Prayer


Prayer Points for Sudan

  • Pray for marginalized and persecuted Christians to forgive, love and pray for their persecutors.
  • Pray for Sudan’s leaders, that their hearts would be radically changed by the gospel.
  • Pray for Christians who could face the death penalty if their conversion from Islam is discovered.

Take Action

Pray for those that are suffering by reading the latest prayer requests from persecuted Christians around the world.

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Advocate for persecuted Christians by sending the 2016 World Watch List to President Obama.

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Consider donating your resources to Open Doors.

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