United Arab Emirates Facts

Score:58/ 100
Region:Middle East
Persecution Type:Islamic Oppression
Persecution Level:High
Main Religion:Islam
Government:Federation of Monarchies
Leader:President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Profile of Persecution

Violence 11%
Church Life 73%
National Life 63%
Community Life 54%
Family Life 72%
Private Life 77%

Christian converts face penalties

Because Islam dominates public life, Christian converts often lose their inheritance and parental rights, are forced to marry, are fired or are required to work for free. To avoid the death penalty or other penalties, Christian converts often feel like they must hide their faith or flee to another country due to fears of Christian persecution. Evangelism is also prohibited, but non-Muslims can worship in dedicated buildings or private homes.

How Christians are suffering

Christian expatriates are free to worship in private, but the government does not allow them to evangelize or pray in public. Converts from Islam endure the most persecution as they face pressure from family members and the local community to recant their Christian faith. This makes it almost impossible for converts to reveal their conversion and explains why there are hardly any reports of Christians being killed or harmed for their faith.


Converts from Islam to Christianity (both national or migrant) continue to face high pressure from their families, employers and society. Losing inheritance and parental rights, being forced to marry, being fired or placed under pressure to work for “free” are all possible consequences for these converts. Many flee the Emirates and seek asylum in another country.

There are too few churches in the United Arab Emirates to meet the demands. Especially since it has become harder to use non-designated buildings like hotels and schools for gatherings, which was tolerated before. Although the ruling Emirati families donated land for church buildings, it remains difficult to establish new churches.

Pray for United Arab Emirates

  • Pray that more buildings will be made available for Christians to gather to worship.
  • Pray the government run internet providers stop blocking websites affiliated with Christianity.
  • Pray Christians would find new opportunities to share their faith even while evangelism is prohibited. Pray their passion and hope to have an impact on society will not diminish despite the heavy restrictions they face.
  • Pray for the government to have wisdom and tolerance, allowing citizens to change their faith freely and openly.
  • Pray for Christian converts who are afraid to reveal their faith in Jesus. Pray for Christian women who convert from Islam and lose their rights to possessions and their children.

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