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About Uzbekistan

  • Leader:President Islam Karimov
  • Government:Authoritarian republic
  • Population:30.9 million (210,000 Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Severe
  • Source of Persecution:Dictatorial paranoia/Islamic extremism

Uzbekistan has one of the harshest dictatorships in Central Asia. The regime will do everything possible to stay in power – all forms of opposition and deviations from the norm will be ruthlessly attacked. Christianity is regarded as an alien and destabilizing factor. On top of this, Christian converts from a Muslim background (Muslim Background Believers, MBBs) experience additional pressure from their social and cultural environment.

Recent News from Uzbekistan

Oct 6 2016

Christians in Uzbekistan Punished for Having Religious Literature in Homes

Found in Prayer

In recent months, a number of Christians have faced harassment, criminal sentences, and fines for having Christian literature in their homes, increasing the challenge of spreading the gospel.


Sep 22 2016

Keep Praying for Uzbekistan

Found in Stories

During a recent Open Doors Facebook Live event, we discussed the passing of Uzbekistan’s president, Islam Karimov. After his passing in early September, he was buried in the historic cemetery, Shahi Zinda, located in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.


Sep 2 2016

Pray With Uzbekistani Christians In Their Uncertainty

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The first President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, has died after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. The late 78 year-old led the country with an authoritarian grip for almost 25 years. Please join us to pray for Christians in Uzbekistan, since it is uncertain how this development will affect them. 


Jun 20 2016

Raids of Christian Homes in Uzbekistan Continue

Found in Prayer

Christian homes continue to be raided in an effort by the authorities to confiscate ‘illegal’ religious literature.


Prayer Points for Uzbekistan

  • Pray for Baptists, Evangelicals and Pentecostals who are threatened, raided, fined and arrested.
  • Pray for new believers placed under house arrest by their Muslim families to make them recant.
  • Pray that Christian women forced to marry against their wills would trust in God’s provision.

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