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Vietnam’s minority groups are hungry for the gospel.
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About Vietnam

  • Leader:President Truong Tan Sang
  • Government:Communist state
  • Population:92.7 million (9.9 million Christians)
  • Main Religion:Buddhism
  • Persecution Level:Severe
  • Source of Persecution:Communist oppression

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is one of the five remaining countries in the world which is still ruled by a communist party. How communist the country still is can be discussed in some length, suffice it to say that in terms of administration and control it still functions pretty much in the communist way and is hence not a real democracy. The Catholic Church is by far the largest Christian community in the country, but government authorities have a shaky relationship with the Catholic Church as the latter is tied to a foreign power and is often seen as colonial. Stereotypes such as “Catholics are French and Protestants are American” are still heard, especially in rural areas. The government announced it will publish a revised version of its notorious Law No. 92, the law on religion, next year and has invited selected Christians to participate in the drafting process. But since the government’s overarching goal remains one of control, it is not expected that things will change substantially, when it comes to registration or the construction of religious buildings, for example.

Recent News from Vietnam

Aug 12 2016

Believers’ Homes Stoned in Vietnam

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On July 26, three houses in the Quang Ngai district of central Vietnam were stoned by a mob angry because of the occupants’ faith in Jesus. The attack began around 11 pm, while the families were asleep, according to local partner Cang*.


Jul 29 2016

Please pray for believers beaten in Vietnam

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Please pray for Donh*, a Vietnamese believer who was severely beaten by a local police officer in the first week of July.


May 17 2016

Two Men Arrested for Transporting Hymnals

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Apr 21 2016

Wife of Imprisoned Pastor Activist Arrested and Beaten

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Her husband is a pastor currently imprisoned in Vietnam. Because she spoke with a US human rights delegation about the matter, authorities arrested and beat her as well.


Prayer Points for Vietnam

  • Pray for proper discipleship of the many ethnic minorities coming to faith in rural areas.
  • Pray for family members pressuring their relatives to return to traditional faiths and rituals.
  • Pray that Law No. 92, no matter the outcome, would serve to further God’s purposes.

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