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Welcome Connectors

At Open Doors, we consider it an honor to share about our persecuted brothers and sisters with the American church, and we appreciate your support for our persecuted family.

Download the Connectors Kit

To make it easy for you to share about Open Doors and persecution, we've created these downloadable resources for you and your church:

  • World Watch List Booklet
  • World Watch List Map
  • Prayer opportunities flyer
  • Sample sign up sheet for events

Download Now

If you’d like additional printed materials or wristbands to share with your church or other group, please visit the store on our website. You are free to copy the prayer flyer and sign-up sheets as much as you need.

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Thank you for standing with your persecuted family in 2020.

We greatly appreciate your service to the persecuted church and to Open Doors. And we look forward to serving alongside you.