Frontline Partner impact

Persecuted Christians will receive critical support because of you

By providing year-round support, Frontline Partners help bring critical aid to persecuted Christians as needs arise. The stories below feature some of the ways that Frontline Partners assist believers around the world.

Your monthly gifts help support a Christian widow in Nepal

In Nepal, a Christian mother named Komal recently lost her husband to illness. Because of her lack of access to education and the fact that she’s a Christian, Komal could not provide for her four children in a society that discriminates against those who follow Jesus. Thanks to your support, we helped Komal find work by providing a small shop to support her livelihood. Now, she does not have to beg for food from anyone. “Even though I was despised and distanced by my relatives,” Komal says, “I felt God’s presence in my life. Only because of His strength, I was able to overcome all those difficulties.”

You helped provide training in Pakistan

In Pakistan, millions people are discriminated against, falsely accused, beaten, raped, abused and forced into bonded labor for being born into Christian families. Some do not have access to a church and cannot read, so they know very little about the Scriptures. Through your support, Open Doors has offered vocational and spiritual training to 300 people who have little opportunity to advance in society. One of our partners who helps provide this training says, “We have been threatened and attacked. But we will not give up … we know that brothers and sisters around the world are behind us in prayer.”

Your monthly gift helps Christians in prison in Eritrea

In Eritrea, authorities are targeting house church meetings to arrest Christians. Some are tortured; others are imprisoned. In the last three years, Open Doors knows of at least 27 Christians (12 women, 15 men) who have died in prison, as well as one child who died as a result of a parent’s imprisonment. Through your support, Open Doors partners are able to help care for those in prison who receive insufficient food and medical treatment as they’re pressured to renounce their faith. One ex-prisoner described this support: “They supported us materially in different ways while we were in prison, even though they are not our blood family. Even after my release, they have done a lot for me. They have received me in love. I have seen the hands of the Lord through the brethren from different areas. I must give thanks to God for them.”

You're helping rebuild homes and lives in Iraq!

In Iraq, ISIS drove out Christians from Mosul and the Nineveh Plains. Through our partners, Open Doors has been able to come alongside believers in this crisis. In the initial years of displacement, your support helped provide food and emergency relief, such as blankets and heaters. Now, thanks to your help, three trauma care centers serve these communities while we also help renovate or rebuild houses, churches and schools.

Care packages for Christians in Sri Lanka

You may remember how bombers attacked churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, killing at least 290 people and injuring hundreds more. Thanks to your support, we were able to deliver care packages to families impacted by this tragedy—providing them with food, persecution training materials and other helpful items.

Among these were Pastor Kumaran and his family who lost their 12-year-old son in the attacks. Pastor Kumaran says, “Thank you for the box. I brought it home this morning and my daughter opened it, saying, ‘It’s all mine now!’” Pastor Kumaran shares, “I still tell people about you coming to be with us during that time of grief. I remember you. You came here to just spend time with us. You comforted us. I’m a pastor and I can’t break down, you know? But you let us tell our stories and you comforted us.”

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