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Six times per year, Presence magazine brings you the stories of your persecuted family, showing how God is at work even in the midst of the darkness of oppression and violence.


Inside, you'll find ―

Connect to God's people

Hearing the stories of our sisters and brothers can help us see them more clearly—and learn from their faith.

On each page of Presence, you’ll learn about the realities of persecution for Christians in countries all over the world. But you’ll also hear how they are trusting God in the midst of persecution, and what He’s doing to strengthen His Church through your prayers and support of Open Doors.

Your impact

Each issue, discover how your prayers and support are helping Christians around the world. You’ll see your gifts in action for persecuted believers.

Persecution watch

Sometimes the persecution that impacts our global family doesn’t make the nightly news. Presence will help you learn about and understand the day-to-day reality for so many of God’s people.

Unpacking persecution

Persecution can be a hard topic to comprehend and talk about. That’s why Presence is intended to help you understand both the reality of persecution and God’s heart for the persecuted—and His call to action.

Stand with God’s people as you learn what they’re facing, and how you can help.

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