Support persecuted Christians around the world

From immediate emergency response to critical ongoing rebuilding efforts and care, your monthly support will save, protect and restore the lives of persecuted Christians.
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How your monthly gift supports your persecuted family on the front lines

You can provide help and encouragement to your brothers and sisters ... on the front lines and around the world, through:

Emergency aid

  • Food relief
  • Safe houses
  • Legal help
  • Life-saving help like clothing and shelter

Long-term help

  • Microloans
  • Christian trauma counseling
  • Rebuilding homes and churches
  • Establishment of Christian resource centers

Advancing the gospel

  • Delivering Bibles
  • Providing spiritual resources
  • Spiritual discipleship
  • Training church leaders
  • Helping the church with outreach

When you join Frontline Partners, you'll receive:

  • Sign up by March 6 and receive a copy of God's Smuggler written by Brother Andrew about his experiences smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain during the rise of Communism after World War II.
  • A special monthly edition of our Frontline Faith newsletter.
  • A FREE subscription to the Presence magazine—featuring ministry updates, as well as the stories of persecuted believers you’re helping reach.

Priya* is standing strong in her faith, thanks to you

If not for the support she received from Open Doors, Priya might not have weathered the last few years with the same strength and determination to follow Jesus.

Read Priya's Story

A few years ago, Priya lost her husband. Then a couple years ago, her 5-year-old son died of illness, but because of her Christian faith, her village in India wouldn’t allow her to bury her son. Priya’s “toxic faith” was blamed for the deaths, and her father-in-law even came to her house and threatened to kill her.

Priya shares, “It used to make me sad that he came to the house to threaten me, but now God has given me peace about it. I’m even able to face my father-in-law and just take the verbal abuse.”

When we visited Priya recently, her faith shone radiantly. She says,

“I still face opposition and persecution from my in-laws. But I’m not sad or depressed. Whenever they persecute, I pray. Prayer makes me strong, and I know others pray for me too.”
*Names and photos have been changed to protect identities
“I thank the people who pray for us, I thank them very much. I thank everyone in the world, every country in the world that prayed for us and gave us the support to have our houses fixed again. I do thank you very much indeed that you helped us.”
— Noeh, who recently moved back into his rebuilt home after ISIS set fire to many homes in his hometown of Karamles, Iraq
“When they threw us out of the village, they threatened to rape or kill me if I returned. The situation in the village still hasn’t been resolved. [The support I received through local church partners of Open Doors] was so meaningful. I had no money and no clothes.”
— Bahia,* a young believer in India who was persecuted for leaving Hinduism and forced to leave her village
“We thank God for using Open Doors to bring help to us. In just an interval of a day, you responded to our cry. Even the government has not done what you did for us. You have brought food items and toiletries for us. We are indeed grateful.”
— Mary,* a Nigerian Christian who received critical relief after militant Fulani herdsmen attacked and destroyed her village
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