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“They did it because I followed Christ ... they cast me out.”

Y Bi*, a believer in rural Vietnam

Y Bi lost everything because she follows Jesus.

After discovering her faith, the people in Y Bi*’s small village in Vietnam destroyed her home. Her family and all those in the village disowned her because she said yes to Jesus.

“[The villagers] pulled my hair and they dragged me out of the village. My child was crying; they took her so she could not see me.”

You can read more of her story here. 

The village leaders tore her away from her family and she was forced to flee her village. Y Bi’s husband also rejected her and took custody of their daughter.

After Y Bi left her village, a partner of Open Doors reached out to her. Through this partner, Open Doors helped disciple Y Bi in her new faith and provided critical financial support so she could buy land to build a new home—so she could start her life again.

These projects are life-saving and couldn’t happen without your support. Committed Christians, just like you, help provide financial gifts and prayer that make these missions possible!

Today, there are millions of Christians like Y Bi who still need your help and critical support. And you can help them—right now.

Funding these life-saving projects means believers like Y Bi will receive things like relief aid after attacks, Bibles, persecution training, and so much more.

Pray and give what you can for your persecuted family today.

Here are some of the people your gifts help

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When Christians who live in places where it’s difficult to follow Jesus are asked what they most need, most of them respond with a simple request: Prayer.

But after that, what Christians need might look very different in different places! That’s because the family of God is so big and so broad, that it encompasses “a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Revelation 7:9 ESV).

This is why Open Doors has so many different projects in different parts of the world; we’re dedicated to helping God’s people, wherever they are, with whatever they need. These projects, like the one that helped Y Bi buy land for a new home, are sometimes literally life-and-death aid to persecuted believers!

But right now, persecuted Christians need your help. Some of our critical special projects still lack funding. Give today to make sure your brothers and sisters can receive support like Bibles, emergency aid, discipleship training and more.

You can make a huge difference in the lives of believers like Y Bi.

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Here are some of the critical ways your gift can make a difference:

“We don’t have the same father and mother but I know about you because of your support.”

—Y Bi

When asked how Christians around the world can pray for her, Y Bi says, “My first prayer request is that I can complete a house so I can have my own house. I was thinking that maybe one day I can cook in the kitchen of my new house for my husband and my child.

And my second request is that my husband and daughter would accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. I wish there would be a day when my family could be united, where my husband and my child and I can worship God, just like other families.”

Will you stand with your persecuted family—when they need it the most?

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