What wouldn’t you do for your Christian family?

What wouldn’t you do for your Christian family?

Ibrahim* lives in the far south of Algeria, deep in the Sahara Desert. In his part of the world, most everyone is Muslim. Ibrahim was too, but he couldn’t help but have doubts about his religion. Then one day he met a Christian.

“This man told me about Jesus,” Ibrahim shares. “He had my full attention. Later he took me to meet Pastor Muslih* and two years ago I came to faith in Jesus.”

Sharing his faith with his family, however, was going to be difficult for Ibrahim. Pastor Muslih explains that Christians who convert from a Muslim background could face severe punishment:

“Indeed, they can lose their wife and their children. Sometimes families force couples to divorce when one of them becomes a Christian. The converts lose their children, as the children automatically stay with the Muslim. When it becomes public that someone converted from Islam to Christianity, big pressure is put on the converts. People, often literally, have to flee their homes and villages.”

A secret faith

Ibrahim says, “I didn’t make my faith known to my wife, nor to my children. I was too afraid they would take them away from me.”

So Ibrahim hid his conversion, and to the outside world it looked like nothing had changed. But after a time, Ibrahim felt God calling him to be open about his faith. He started by telling his father.

“My father just stared at me and kept silent for about 15 minutes,” Ibrahim says. “Then he rose from his chair and gathered all my brothers and sisters. They came to my house and my brothers started beating me. They shouted, ‘You will renounce your faith!’”

Even worse was that Ibrahim’s two young children witnessed the attack.

As she watched her uncles beating her father, Ibrahim’s daughter had screamed:

“Daddy, Daddy, please renounce your faith and return to Islam, so you can always be our father!” 

Christians in the fire

In North Africa and around the world, Christians like Ibrahim are being held, feet to the flames, and told to deny Christ or have everything taken from them.

But even as they feel the pressure of living in the constant fire of persecution, they are standing up for their faith and are on fire for Jesus. 

That’s what our Church on Fire campaign is all about. Our global Christian family. Our brothers and sisters going through the fire, but walking in faith.

God is working through His people all over the world, and this is your chance to be a part of it!

When you give today, you’ll help strengthen, empower and equip Christians in every corner of the globe, so they can continue to shine the light of Christ in their communities. Your support is especially needed now, as we enter into the summer months when giving typically declines. 

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"Through prayer, God has done something"

After his brutal beating, Ibrahim found refuge in the house of Pastor Muslih. But that’s not all. Ibrahim also found a community of believers who helped him study the Bible and learn what it means to live as a Christian. And Pastor Muslih guided him through training developed by Open Doors.

Then, three months later, something unexpected happened …

“To my surprise, my father called,” Ibrahim remembers. His father told him, “Take back your wife and children, but leave the house.”

Today, Ibrahim still grins with amazement to be reunited with his family. “They are now with me. I am so happy that they live with me again.”

Pastor Muslih says, “God has heard our prayers. We expected that Ibrahim wouldn’t see his wife and children again. Through prayer, God has done something.”

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*Names and photos have been changed to protect identities.

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