Impact report: Sub-Saharan Africa

What your support has meant for God's people

The need

Across sub-Saharan Africa, Christians live in places where they are constantly at risk. Churches are targeted and communities filled with Christians are easy targets for extremist groups. Women and children are particularly vulnerable—even if they aren’t direct victims, they have to deal with husbands and fathers murdered, churches and communities destroyed, and much more. The risks and danger are real. This is the reality in which Open Doors works. And your gifts and prayers helped Christians so much! Here's how you helped:

You gave over $265,000 in March/April 2020,
despite the rise of the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

In Nigeria, that amount
could provide a year of trauma counseling for nearly 700 people. 

Thank you for giving.
Your support is making a huge difference for God’s Kingdom.

What your gifts have done:

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Watch this video from Nigeria

Veronica, Naka, Nigeria:

“I want to thank Open Doors for their good gesture, thank you for bringing this food to the people of Naka, we have never received anything like this before. God will bless and provide all your needs.Thanks to your support, Veronica was one of the recipients of urgent aid in Nigeria. 

Farashu*, East Africa:

“I never cease to thank God for all the assistance I have received. Please pray that one day I will be able to reunite with my family and share the gospel with them. Pray that God will strengthen my faith. I am now in a better place financially and spiritually.” Because of your gifts, Farashu was able to start a tomato business, supporting herself and her child after her Muslim husband threw her out of the house because she follows Jesus. 

Stand with your family, every month.

If you want to continue helping your brothers and sisters, consider our Frontline Partners monthly giving program. Frontline Partners are a special group of our friends who have committed themselves to giving monthly. With your monthly gift, you’ll be among our most reliable partners. You'll stand with persecuted Christians by helping wherever support is needed most, through programs such as trauma counseling, safe houses, Bibles, emergency aid, rebuilding of churches and more!

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