Attacked in the world's largest democracy

Christians in India are under attack. Stand for truth by showing your support for them

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Make the violence unthinkable. Use the hashtag #StandforTruthIndia and stand for Indian Christians on social media

Despite the horrific COVID-19 pandemic,
shocking persecution against Christians
continued in India.

But you can stand with them.
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Make the violence unthinkable. 
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A global movement

Around the world, Christians are sharing the message: #StandforTruthIndia. The reality of the brutal violence suffered by followers of Jesus is impossible to ignore. And it shouldn’t be happening in India, the world’s largest democracy.

India’s independence day is August 15. Let’s join together and declare that enough is enough—it’s time for the violence, the discrimination and the mistreatment of Christians to end. It’s time to recognize Indian Christians are working to love their neighbors, their cities and their communities.

What you can do

You can be part of this movement. You can share a video on social media—you can download it yourself and share it, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share the videos we post. Tell your friends and family about the problem facing followers of Jesus in India.

You can also share a photo of yourself holding a sign or a piece of paper with the hashtag #StandforTruthIndia and share that on your social media channels. In doing so, you’ll help spread the message that it’s time to end the violence and discrimination against the followers of Jesus in India.

Join the movement

Make the violence unthinkable. Use the hashtag #StandforTruthIndia

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