Are Christians in Nigeria getting relief scraps compared to Muslims?

In northern Nigeria, our partners in the field are reporting that Christians are receiving the leftovers of government aid—while Muslims receive greater relief support, especially in areas governed by Shariah law.

In this video, a pastor from Kaduna State shares what he’s seeing and hearing both firsthand and from Christians in the area who are in desperate need of food support during COVID-19. With over half the population in Nigeria working as day laborers and unable to provide basic living essentials for their families, the lockdowns have created dire conditions—and situations that expose the discrimination and persecution of Christians in northern Nigeria.

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For Christians in Africa and around the world who are already persecuted for their faith, the global pandemic is making life even more difficult. They have less access to healthcare, medicines and community services. Open Doors is committed to standing with the least of these—to ensure that the vulnerable have what they need too. God’s people need our help urgently—will you give today?

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