North Korea is on the brink of a deadly famine

Secret believers need your support to survive

“Please do not reduce the amount of food you send us.”

—Chi won*

“No food, no church.”

That’s what we’ve been hearing in North Korea as the country experiences the impact of its worst drought in nearly 40 years.

And that’s why North Korean Christians desperately need emergency food relief.

According to the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) and its Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), an “estimated 10 million people—40 percent of the country’s population—are in urgent need of food.”

Through our secret networks in China, Open Doors Christians who can cross the border with immediate food and emergency aid. Often, this food and medicine is taken back to North Korea when believers return home—but we need your help to continue this secret plan to save North Korea.

“These [North Korean] Christians don’t consume all the food they receive from us,” says an Open Doors partner in the region. “They save some to give to people who are even worse off than them. This gives them an opportunity to build trust and later share the gospel with these people.”

Will you help rush food and other essential aid to North Korean Christians today?

By giving a gift today, you will help our networks in China provide North Korean Christians with emergency food relief, blankets, Bibles and medicine.

Meet your persecuted family in North Korea

North Korean Christians need you

Will you help give suffering believers hope?

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Hee Jin's story

Hee Jin*, now 31, grew up in North Korea—where Christians are enemies of the state. Her grandmother was a secret believer. Every Sunday, Hee Jin’s grandmother asked her to lock the door of the tiny bedroom so they could kneel down to pray and sing praise songs so quietly they could barely hear themselves.

Hee Jin knew that if she accidentally told someone her grandmother was a Christian, her entire family would be taken to prison. Today, Hee Jin pleads for your help to support the 200,000-400,000 Christians still serving Jesus in North Korea today.

Now is the time to join our North Korean family through passionate prayer and support. If we don’t act, there’s a real chance the church in North Korea won’t survive.

Here are just a few ways your gifts could help our networks in China provide for suffering North Korean believers:

$5 could provide a Bible study for one believer
could provide a digital Bible with discipleship material
$57 could provide emergency winter relief (food, clothing, shelter) to a North Korean Christian refugee
could help a North Korean believer return to North Korea to share the gospel
could help a North Korean believer relocate
$45,000 could provide a year’s worth of Christian radio broadcasts into North Korea

“I had no idea so many people were praying for me.”

—Eun Hye

Growing up in North Korea, Eun Hye* survived the “Arduous March,” prison, frostbite, disease, drowning and bullets fired at her by North Korean guards. Yet through everything, she kept praying to God and never lost hope.

She says there’s a great need to share the gospel with North Koreans so they can find Jesus. “They also need material and spiritual resources,” she says. “I hope that more and more North Koreans are able to receive the Bible and other Christian literature and find salvation through Him.”

Will you stand with your persecuted family—when they need it the most?

*Representative names used for security

Give them hope

If God is laying it on your heart to support your persecuted brothers and sisters from North Korea, we invite you to join us by giving today.

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