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to rush critical aid, Bibles and food where the need is greatest
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#1 on the 2019 World Watch List

North Korea has once again topped our World Watch List, as it has for 18 years.

The people rely on the dictatorial government for daily provisions. In the dead of winter when everything is frozen, sometimes no food arrives at all.

Black markets may be the only way to get food and basic supplies, but everything is expensive.

Starving and desperate, most people resort to stealing or making soup from whatever grass they can forage. Still, the death tally grows every day. And for Christians, the suffering is compounded because if their faith is discovered, they face imprisonment and violence.

But North Korea is only one example of the persecution impacting millions of Christians around the world ...

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In countries around the world, persecuted Christians are struggling and need support

Together, we must stand with our brothers and sisters around the world. So many face such difficult circumstances, they wonder if they'll live to see another day. Some need support to stand strong as they follow Jesus. And others need help to rebuild their lives.

Rush critical aid, Bibles and food where the need is the greatest

Your gift today to provide critical aid, Bibles and emergency resources will send a massive message to our persecuted family—that God hasn't forgotten them. And that they don't stand alone.

Below are just a couple of reports we've received from believers on the ground:

"The Fulani militants killed my husband. They burned my house—all of it. There isn't anything I was able to carry from it. I have a baby that is very young. I need help."
—Christian mother in Nigeria
"I worked as a cook, and then they fired me. Then I got a job at a school, but was again kicked out. They told me it was because I refused to recant my faith in Jesus. For the next five years, I had to hide my faith so I could earn some money for food and to draw water from the well."
—A believer in India
“Please do not reduce the amount of food you send us. You don’t know what it’s like to go hungry … the fact that you are able to support us is proof that God exists. Thanks to you, we know He hasn’t forgotten us.”
—A believer in North Korea

DOUBLE your impact

Give today to DOUBLE your impact, up to $20,000, to rush support and critical aid to persecuted Christians.

Bibles and other Christian literature

Emergency food

Medical relief

Safe houses

Right now, your gift will DOUBLE in impact through a $20,000 Challenge Grant to rush critical aid, Bibles and food to my brothers and sisters suffering for their faith in places like North Korea and around the world.
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